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So we did a thing here at CUB, and we are kind of a big deal now! (Ok, maybe not yet, but we are going to be a huge deal very soon!)


The first and only of its kind in the Greater Cincinnati Area, the SE CINCY Elevator is a 15-week accelerator for social entrepreneurs to take their minimal viable product/service to the next level. Modeled after local tech accelerators such as The Brandery, Ocean, and UpTech, SE CINCY Elevator provides social enterprises with curriculum, resources, and mentors to help them get their footing in order to connect to talent, gain introductions to customers, and find access to capital. This Year our area of focus is women’s empowerment and we are seeking businesses that impact women in areas such as (but not limited to) gender equity in compensation, creating financial sustainability, and advocating for workplace gender issues and gender-related sexual violence.

All women are strong and resilient. We expertly manage work, family, households—all that life throws at us and then some…but sometimes we don’t feel so strong. Sometimes our burdens can weigh us down and sometimes outside societal influences urges us to feeling like we’re less-than.  It’s easy to forget how strong we are or to think we’re all alone in our struggles.

That’s where StrongWoman Swag helps out. We’re creating a brand of merchandise with clever messages to remind women of our inner strength and boost our self-confidence. And in wearing (or
carrying) our brand and sharing our StrongWoman message with the world around us, we create opportunities for women to connect with one another and celebrate our collective power. Our vision is that
the StrongWoman Swag brand will be instantly recognizable as a symbol of female fortitude—we want to be like the “Nike Swoosh” but for a women’s empowerment movement.

Imagine tee-shirts, tote bags, coffee mugs, yoga pants and more, that shout out to the world about women’s strength. Swag with messages like:

Strong woman

Strong is the new Pretty

I’m married to a Strong woman

I make Strong look good

I was raised by a Strong woman



But StrongWoman brand is more than just our swag because the profits from StrongWoman brand purchases will be reinvested in the women and services of Cincinnati Union Bethel.
So not only is StrongWoman Swag selling some cool merch, we are a brand that is compelling to people who want to make purchases that go beyond the mere transactional — people
who want to make purchases that forge a social impact footprint. When you buy a t-shirt from us, you’re not just buying any t-shirt, you’re buying a t-shirt that gives women hope for a
second chance.

Join us on January 9th as we end our 20 week Elevator program with SE Cincy and Flywheel!

January 9, 2019
5:00 pm
Union Hall

For FREE tickets please RSVP below.

For more information on the cohorts that will be presenting with us that nigh, please click the link below.


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