CUB is honored with Preserving Affordable Housing Award

//CUB is honored with Preserving Affordable Housing Award

At its annual meeting on June 25, 2013, Affordable Housing Advocates (AHA) recognized Cincinnati Union Bethel, its board, staff, and residents for outstanding courage and stewardship in saving housing for women at the Anna Louise Inn.  Charley Milton, chair of the CUB Board of Directors, President & CEO Steve MacConnell and Vice President Mary Carol Melton accepted the Preserving Affordable Housing Award 2013 on behalf of CUB. 

Alice Skirtz, board chair for AHA, spoke about the residents’ “resilience in withstanding public ridicule and invasion of privacy” and the Board of Directors’ “courage to make extremely difficult decisions consistently upholding the mission of ALI.” 

Milton acknowledged that the board did have a difficult decision, but is proud that “the future of the Anna Louise Inn is good for the residents, the agency and the community.”

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