Books in Action Brings Stories to Life

//Books in Action Brings Stories to Life

On Wednesday, October 23, 2013, at our Winton Early Learning Academy, the children got to pretend to be cats and dogs as part of their reading of Claire Masurel’s A Cat and a Dog.

As part of Books in Action, provided by Cincinnati Public Schools, each child at our Winton Early Learning Academy receives a new book each month.  This month, they were given a copy of A Cat and a Dog (in English or Spanish). Teachers have followed lesson plans connected to the book about a cat and a dog who learn to like each other, despite their differences.  And parents have read the book to their children.

As a finale, once a month a group of actors come to act out the story for the children.  First, they read through the book; then they add masks and hand gestures and lines for the children to follow.  Finally, the children use their own masks and repeat lines, acting out the story themselves, as a group.  The children love it!

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