Blackberry's Day Out

//Blackberry's Day Out

Blackberry the lamb made lots of new friends recently as our Winton Campus preschoolers met up with some furry farm animal friends.  The children petted and helped care for chicks, goats, a bunny, a piglet, and Blackberry courtesy of the folks at Sunrock Farm.

DeeAnn Camp, ECE Director, pets a lamb

Early Childhood Education Director, DeeAnn Camp, bonds with Blackberry.

The animals’ visit was part of a larger learning module about farm animals, made possible by The Greater Cincinnati Foundation’s Summertime Kids initiative.  Every child received his own copy of a farm animal-themed book thanks to the grant.  And parents participated in the lesson by reading the book at home with their children.

Education Manager, Barb Herron, helps preschools pet a goat for the first time.

Education Manager, Barb Herron, helps students pet a goat for the first time.

The students learned interesting life science lessons like how wool comes from sheep and how baby goats, known as kids,  drink milk just like the children do.  Interacting with the farm animals was a great way for children from the city to get a little taste of life on the farm.

Preschoolers feed goat from a bottle.

Preschoolers take turns feeding a goat from a bottle.

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