10-Year Old Reads to Children

//10-Year Old Reads to Children
Emma reading

Emma reading to the children

When Emma opened the book, “Nuts to You,” the children didn’t know what to expect! But Emma read a fun story about a squirrel, who of course loved nuts.

When Emma finished reading, Diane Bullock, the teacher, showed the students a handful of peanuts and the class predicted what would happen when they cracked the shells open. Totally intrigued now, the children couldn’t wait to find out. So crack them open they did!

The real treat was using the peanuts to make peanut butter to spread on crackers, which they all enjoyed.

Emma wrote a letter about her experience. Thank you, Emma, for taking the time to read to the children!

Showing peanuts

Ms. Bullock holds a peanut.

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