Seven Women Graduate from OTS

//Seven Women Graduate from OTS

Making changes in our lives is not easy.  Yet seven women courageously embarked on this journey, and their graduation from Off the StreetsSM was a celebration of their hard work.  Over the months, the women have conquered addictions, set goals, and learned to love themselves again.   

To start the ceremony, members of MUSE, the women’s choir, sang as the graduates entered.  Once they were seated, the new graduates listened as a former graduate spoke about being sober for over three years, and how she continues to take care of herself each day. 

Then Vice-Mayor Roxanne Qualls addressed the graduates, congratulating them on their achievements and reminding them that everyone in the room admired them for the changes they had made in their lives. 

Very true!  The audience was very supportive as each graduate got up to talk about how Off the StreetsSM changed their lives and to thank people who supported them through the program.

Read the article in the Enquirer about the graduation here.

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