Our Preschool in Winton Earns Three Stars!

//Our Preschool in Winton Earns Three Stars!

Our preschool in Winton has earned a three-star rating from Step Up to Quality, the voluntary rating system for early care and education centers in Ohio. 

Like hotel ratings, centers can earn a one-, two- or three-star rating by meeting a list of quality standards that exceed the current licensing standards with benchmarks in areas such as ratio, group size, accreditation, specialized training, administrative practices, and early learning.

CUB jumped at the chance to be part of the pilot program in 2006 before the program went statewide, and now all four of CUB’s Early Learning Academies is star-rated.  Our Camp Washington and Millvale schools are also three-star rated and our College Hill school is two-star rated.

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