Meet CUB: Kathy Haines is Board Member of the Month

//Meet CUB: Kathy Haines is Board Member of the Month

September, 2016

CUB – How did you first get involved with Cincinnati Union Bethel?

K.H. – It was two-fold.   After I moved downtown, I noticed the old Anna Louise Inn on my commute home.   I didn’t know what it was, but I saw “Anna Louise Inn” etched in the stone, so, I searched for it on internet.   Then I happen to meet Mary Carol Melton (former Executive Vice President, Cincinnati Union Bethel) through the Chamber’s Leadership Cincinnati and learned more about CUB including, not just the Anna Louise Inn, but also the Off the Streets® Program, and the Early Childhood Education program.  That is how I was introduced to Cincinnati Union Bethel.

CUB – Has being a Cincinnati Union Bethel board member brought you personal satisfaction?

K.H. – Yes, absolutely.  Previously, I had spent time with women’s self-sufficiency issues and Off the Streets is such an innovative program.  I was excited to hear about that and other CUB programming.  Joining the board I was then exposed to the issues of Early Childhood Education, an area I knew little about.  But, as I think about women’s issues, many times children’s issues are intertwined.    So, it has been a great experience and for me it culminates in being able to sit in an Off the Streets Graduation and hear the women’s stories.   That’s probably the pinnacle for me, where I  think “Wow, we’re making a difference,” and that’s where I get my personal satisfaction.

CUB – What is your favorite thing about being a Cincinnati Union Bethel board member?

K.H. – I love graduations at Off the Streets. At our board meetings, we reflect on how we’re changing people’s lives.  I love the ability to change lives, but also the evolution of Cincinnati Union Bethel as it adapts to the changing issues surrounding our community. It’s been around for so long, and yet even in the short time I’ve been involved things progress so far. Just looking at the community and Cincinnati Union Bethel’s rich history within that community and how it remains so very relevant.

CUB – How have you brought volunteerism to your organization?

K.H – At Deloitte, we shut down our offices for one day each year for “impact day” to encourage everyone to volunteer.  We value volunteerism and look at it as an opportunity to develop leadership skills and a better understanding of the community. These are just a few of the things that we take pride in at Deloitte.

CUB – What would you tell someone interested in being a CUB board member?

K.H. – I would bring them to an Off the Streets graduation.  If someone is going to spend an hour or two to understand how we impact lives, that’s an opportunity for our clients to make the case for what CUB does.

CUB – Why do think the work CUB does is important to the community?

K.H – CUB addresses some of the fundamental issues that hold back certain members of our community. CUB is important due to the fact it gives people who are struggling an opportunity, whether it’s Off the Streets, and assisting the women on a path of recovery; or Early Childhood Education, where the theme is every child succeeds, by getting them kindergarten ready.

CUB – How has CUB impacted you; has it made you see the issues in our city differently or opened your eyes to issues you hadn’t seen before?

K.H – It has absolutely opened my eyes to human trafficking.   I am deeply engaged in the area of women’s self-sufficiency. Also, Early Childhood Education is fundamental to the success of a vibrant and thriving community.

Kathy Haines has been a member of the Board of Directors for six years. Her other community work includes being on the United Way Women’s Leadership Council, as well as United Way’s Accountability and Services Cabinet. She skillfully chaired CUB’s Nominating Committee, but also lends her risk management skills to the Finance & Audit Committee. In 2015, she was also elected to the position of Board Chair.

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