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We are enrolling for our full day and half day programs. Transportation may be available for half day students. Please call 768-6917.

Snow Season

When the weather gets bad, we sometimes have snow emergency days. Please watch Channel 5, Channel 9, Channel 12, or Channel 19 for news about a site being closed or delayed due to weather. We will also post something on our website.

Please remember that children will be outside during the school day, so make sure they are dressed appropriately for the cold weather. Thanks!

Children who are sick with a communicable disease, fever or throwing up are required by law to be sent home. If your child is this sick, please keep him or her at home. Sometimes a note from a doctor is required for children to return.

General Information

Please update your contact information so that we may get in touch with you in case of an emergency. You may give this information to a Family Service Worker or teacher.

Please call your child’s school if she or he is going to be absent: 513-591-3100 (Little Blossoms)

Please check with your child’s teacher to see if the teacher has a community walk form signed for your child so that the child may go outside when the weather gets nicer.

Please provide a change of underwear and pants for your child, in case of an accident. You may give these clothes to a teacher.

It is much easier if children have a backpack so that we can send home forms and other materials. Please be sure to check for papers and to return items.

Teachers are sending home activities for you to do with your child. Please work with your child to complete these and return them to school.

Home visits are twice a year and they are voluntary. If you do not want to do the home visit, the form may be completed by phone or in person at school. If you schedule a visit, please make sure we have the correct address and that someone is home. Home visits will be happening in April.