Do you know Off the Streets?

//Do you know Off the Streets?

Many of you have heard about our Off the Streets program but do you really know what we do? Here is a more detailed look at who we are and how we run our program.

Off the Streets (OTS) is an award-winning intensive residential program that works closely with Cincinnati’s police, court system, and other community partners to support the recovery and empowerment of women involved in trafficking and sexual exploitation. Many of the women in the program are recovering addicts and arrive at CUB facing homelessness, poverty, mental and physical health problems, and significant trauma. The skyrocketing rates of opioid addiction in Ohio have intensified demand for the program.

Off the Streets provides women with shelter, food, trauma-informed counseling, access to health care, and the wrap-around support they need to build back their lives. The program follows a comprehensive case management approach that uses a culturally sensitive model. Women live in a safe environment with other women who are recovering, where they regularly access counseling and support. OTS is unique in that it is staffed entirely by women who have had life experiences similar to the women served and who act as trusted peers and role models for recovery. Many women in OTS remark that the peer-led and deeply supportive model is unlike any recovery program they have encountered. For most, it is life-transforming. In a recent OTS group meeting, a young participant wiped away tears as she stated, “I would not be alive without Off the Streets.” Others nodded their heads in shared understanding.

Each year, Off the Streets serves 75-90 women, empowering them with the confidence, life skills, and support network to achieve sobriety, end their involvement in sexual exploitation, find long-term housing, and pursue healthier lives. Since its inception 13 years ago, OTS has served more than 1,200 women.

In addition to a supportive staff, CUB is fortunate to have volunteers who enjoy sharing their expertise in areas such as art, meditation, nutrition, reflective writing, and yoga with the women in the OTS program. The women participate daily in classes and therapy sessions provided by volunteers. Volunteers also join the women by bringing dinner and sharing life stories. The women in our program feel empowered by hearing that other women outside of the program are supporting their journey as well. To volunteer for our OTS program please click here.

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