Children Visit Channel 5

//Children Visit Channel 5

The children in Dianne Bullock and Lavonne Warren’s class are budding meteorologists.  With their own news desk, microphones, camera, weather satellite, and 7-day forecast, they have been “broadcasting” from Camp Washington, as they learn about the weather and the various aspects of broadcasting. 

The weather station at Camp Washington

So what a wonderful opportunity on Wednesday, February 23, when the class of four and five year olds got to visit Channel 5 meteorologist Randi Rico at the station.  The children got to sit at the Channel 5 news desk and see the weather equipment.  They were thrilled to learn about the technology and to meet Randi Rico, fellow meteorologist Erik Zarnitz, and anchor Sheree Paolello.

The children with Randi Rico and Erik Zarnitz

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