15 Women Graduate from OTS

//15 Women Graduate from OTS

But I’m back from the dead
I’m starting all over now
With something to believe in
And something to live for

These lyrics from the song, “Back from the Dead,” played in a video tribute to our graduates at the Off the Streets graduation on Friday, June 14.  Each graduate showed that the lyrics are true for their journeys.  They were on the streets, addicted to drugs, and now they are sober, graduating from a difficult program that forces them to get to know themselves and develop the skills necessary to become self-sufficient. 

Accepting their certificates of completion, graduates talked about how challenging that transformation has been, but as Vice-Mayor Roxanne Qualls said in her address to the graduates, “It takes unbelievable courage to change one’s life.” 

And the rewards have been tremendous.  One graduate said, “This program gave me my voice back.”  Another said, “I feel worthy.  I’m worthy to be a mother and a daughter.”   

Thank you to our supporters who could share this special day, and thank you to Judge Heather Russell, who addressed the graduates, showing them through her words and actions that the justice system wants them to succeed.

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